Bosch QualityScan

  • Bosch Diesel Technicians using the Bosch QualityScan system
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    Repair Documentation

    If a Bosch diesel component is repaired by a Bosch Diesel workshop, the QualityScan system creates a file that acts as quality assurance for the repair performed.

  • Bosch Quality Scan App
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    Bosch QualityScan App

    All quality repairs performed in the Bosch Diesel workshops are fully documented via special software and can be retrieved at any time through the free Bosch QualityScan app or online.


Bosch Quality Scan - Proof of quality for authorised diesel repair

Due to the complexity of diesel component repair, the level of repair quality can vary greatly across the industry. To a consumer, distinguishing between a high quality and low quality repair is almost impossible.

This is why all common rail injectors and common rail injection pumps repaired by a member of the Bosch Diesel Repair Network will be marked with a special proof of quality and will come securely packaged in the official Bosch repair packaging.

Inside the box, you will find the repaired component clearly labelled with a repair ID. Common-rail injectors (CRI) and common-rail injection pumps (CP) will come fitted with special adhesive repair ID labels or ID clips in the case of common-rail injectors for commercial vehicles (CRIN).

Only components repaired by an authorised Bosch Diesel Repair Network member that have passed the strict quality tests in accordance with Bosch specifications can be labelled with repair ID.

To check the repair, simply scan the repair ID on the Diesel component using the Bosch QualityScan app or visit the Bosch QualityScan website. This will provide clear key component data such as repair ID, the date of repair, IMA code and contact details of the repairing workshop.

See for yourself

Download the free Bosch QualityScan app from the Apple App store for iOS and the Google Play store for Android.

  • Download the app
  • Scan the code on the component
  • Display the component data

Alternatively visit the Bosch QualityScan website:

With Bosch QualityScan, you can be sure of a high quality repair and an exceptional level of service with:

- The use of certified testing equipment

- Specific repair and testing methods authorised by Bosch

- Use of testing data and genuine parts from Bosch.

- Employees comprehensively trained by Bosch.

- Warranty provided on repair work

Watch the below video to see the Bosch QualityScan system in action!