Workshop Concepts

Diesel components

A Global Network of Diesel Specialists

Today, diesel technology is developing at a faster rate than ever before. As engines become more complex and refined, the need for reliable specialist diesel workshops is increasing. With around 3,500 workshops worldwide, our global network of diesel specialists has become an option for the professional servicing of diesel engines and components. Our market position is built on our established reputation for expertise, innovation and quality.

Delivering Consistent Excellence

Our Bosch Diesel workshop network has today established a worldwide presence with an outstanding reputation as centres of excellence in all aspects of diesel engine repair and maintenance. As a Bosch Diesel Repair workshop partner you are the option of choice for all diesel customers: OE workshops, fleets, garages, business customers and private vehicle owners.

Understanding the Service Offering

Bosch Diesel Centre (BDC) workshops provide a full end-to-end service, including diagnosis, component repair, on-vehicle testing and specialist technical services for all diesel systems and vehicles PC/LCV/HCV. Bosch Diesel Service (BDS) workshops specialise in the repair of diesel injection components for Common Rail diesel systems.


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