Bosch Diesel Workshop Network: About us

Group of Bosch Diesel Mechanics

Worldwide Network of Diesel Specialists

Experts trained by Bosch who specialise in the repair, maintenance and diagnostics of diesel systems and components, work in the workshops of the worldwide Bosch diesel network.


Bosch Diesel Workshop Network – Worldwide Specialists in their Field

The worldwide network of Bosch diesel repairers comprises of around 3,500 workshops, which specialise in the diagnostics of diesel systems as well as repair of diesel components. As the official point of contact for timely and efficient repair, they are at the service of vehicle owners, as well as independent workshops and authorised workshops. In addition, the service stations also carry out the warranty processing for Bosch Diesel products.

To guarantee a high level of competence, professionalism and customer orientation at all times, the experts trained by Bosch make use of highly advanced test equipment, Bosch spare parts, as well as specific technical know-how of Bosch.

Service Quality

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction and continuously high standard of services, workshops abide by strict standards regarding customised and professional service with competent and expert advice.

Quality assurance:

Each workshop is regularly reviewed by independent external auditors to ensure that they meet Bosch's quality standards. With regards to test benches and measuring equipment, periodical checks are carried out to ensure maximum accuracy; they are meticulously checked and calibrated in order to be able to meet the necessary specifications

Work environment and cleanliness:

A professional and clean work environment is the fundamental prerequisite for carrying out a quality repair. Accordingly, uniform quality standards and cleanliness requirements apply to all workshops in the Bosch Diesel Network.

Partner of the Bosch Diesel Network:

To become a network member, the workshops go through an acceptance process that tests compliance to Bosch's minimum requirements. Once these quality requirements have been met, the workshop becomes an official network partner. From day one, the workshop will go through regular audits as an assurance that quality is maintained.