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The Bosch Diesel Repair Network has more than 3,500 workshops worldwide and is one of the largest networks for professional services in the area of diesel injection.

  • Bosch QualityScan

    Proof of quality for authorised diesel repair

    Bosch diesel technicians during the Bosch quality scan

    Due to the complexity of diesel component repair, the level of repair quality can vary greatly across the industry. As a customer, telling the difference between a high quality and low quality repair is now almost impossible.

    This is why all common rail injectors and common rail injection pumps repaired by a member of the Bosch Diesel Repair Network will be marked with a special proof of quality and will come securely packaged in the official Bosch repair packaging.

  • Expert Diagnosis

    Using the latest diagnostic and test equipment for cost-effective and reliable high-quality repairs

    Diagnostics at the truck with Bosch testing technology

    The Bosch Diesel Repair network have the latest diagnostic and test equipment to ensure a cost-effective and reliable high quality repair. With access to the latest diagnostic and test equipment, Bosch trained technicians are able to identify the causes of failure within the diesel system quickly and precisely.

    Defective components can either be repaired or replaced as required.

  • Component Repair

    Testing and repair of diesel components

    Bosch Diesel technicians when testing components

    The Bosch Diesel Repair network are specialists when it comes to the testing and repair of diesel systems and components. With the ability to offer component repair across all diesel systems conventional and modern, the Bosch Diesel Repair Network are the first choice for all your diesel requirements.

  • Warranty Claims Processing

    Partner in case of warranty claims

    Bosch diesel mechanics at the time of acceptance

    Workshops in the Bosch Diesel Repair Network are the only authorised workshops that can perform warranty work on Bosch diesel systems and components independently.


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