Bosch Diesel Center, Bosch Diesel Service

The Bosch Diesel Network has more than 3,700 workshops worldwide and is the largest network for professional services in the area of diesel injection.

  • Diagnostics technology

    The most modern testing equipment for cost-effective and reliable quality repairs

    Diagnostics at the truck with Bosch testing technology

    The experts of the Bosch Diesel center and Bosch Diesel Service identify the causes for the failure of the diesel system quickly and precisely. They resort to the most modern diagnostics and test equipment for precise error detection. Consequently, the diesel specialists are able to locate any damage with utmost precision. Following detailed analysis, defective components are either professionally repaired or exchanged as needed.

  • Component repair

    Testing and repair of diesel components

    Bosch Diesel technicians when testing components

    The Bosch Diesel workshops are specialists when it comes to testing and the repair of diesel systems and components. But the diesel experts also have profound specialist knowledge and offer top service with respect to repair and maintenance.

  • Additional services

    Diesel specialists for technical services

    Bosch Diesel Network: Vehicles

    The workshops of the Bosch Diesel Network serve worldwide as competence centers for all aspects of repair and maintenance of diesel engines. Thanks to the most modern diagnostics technology and computer-aided analytical processes, they offer professional all-round service at all times for the fastest possible repair of diesel vehicles.

  • Warranty claims processing

    Partner in case of warranty claims

    Bosch diesel mechanics at the time of acceptance

    Bosch Diesel Center and Bosch Diesel Service are the only authorized partner workshops of Bosch that perform warranty work on diesel systems and components of Bosch independently.

  • Bosch Quality Scan

    Quality certificate for diesel repairs

    Bosch diesel technicians during the Bosch quality scan

    Subassemblies and components of Bosch are always repaired by specifically trained diesel experts in the Bosch Diesel workshops. The work that is performed is documented on the basis of a repair ID as proof. As a result, it is ensured that only quality merchandise is offered according to the specifications of Bosch—including warranty and quality certificate.


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