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  • Bosch diesel technicians during the Bosch quality scan
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    Repair documentation

    If a Bosch diesel component is repaired by a Bosch Diesel workshop, the Bosch Quality Scan offers a quality certificate for the repair it performed.

  • Bosch Quality Scan App
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    Bosch Quality Scan App

    All quality repairs performed in the Bosch Diesel workshops are fully documented via special software and can be retrieved at any time.

  • Bosch Quality Scan App
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Bosch Quality Scan - quality certificate for diesel repairs

The Bosch common rail injectors and high pressure injection pumps repaired in a Bosch Diesel Workshop receive an additional quality certification thanks to the Bosch Quality Scan. This is because the work performed by diesel experts is fully documented and stored in a database based on a Bosch Quality Scan repair ID. However, before a repaired component receives such an identifier, it must first successfully undergo a quality inspection that has been defined according to Bosch specifications. Only then will the components be released for further use and a “repair ID label” affixed. To this end, the previously gathered information such as the IMA code and the contact data of the workshop can be retrieved quickly and at any time either via the Bosch Quality Scan app or, alternatively, via the website

Guaranteed repair quality:

Only authorized Bosch Diesel Centers and Bosch Diesel Services can set data in the database for the repaired components. The diesel experts can have access to the Bosch quality system only if they also have the appropriate certified test equipment, have mastery over special repair and testing methods and are using the original test data as well as spare parts of Bosch. This is how it is ensured that the customers can always rely on the best quality when components are repaired and can assert warranty claims with regard to the repair work performed.

Benefits at a glance:

The transparent quality certification enables the workshops in the Bosch Diesel Network to position themselves as Competence Centers.

  • Unique selling proposition that differentiates Bosch Diesel Workshops from competitors that do match the repair standards of Bosch
  • Repair ID provides proof of the repair quality for common rail pumps and injectors
  • Stored data is always available online and can be accessed using a free smartphone app
  • Proven quality for a better transparency toward vehicle workshops, fleet operators and end users