Service spectrum - diesel vehicle diagnostics

Diagnostics at the truck with Bosch testing technology

System diagnostics

When searching for the cause of a defect in the diesel system, the experts use the most modern diagnostic tools, special software as well as technical information available from Bosch.


Diagnostics for all diesel vehicles

Bosch Diesel workshops are specialized in identifying the cause for a defect in the diesel system quickly and systematically. For this purpose, the specifically trained technicians of Bosch use the most modern electronic diagnostic tools as well as technical information. Furthermore, the experts also resort to high-quality electronic workshop equipment as well as special technical software of Bosch in order to optimally test injection systems for diesel passenger cars, trucks or light utility vehicles.

In addition to the ECU diagnosis, the diesel experts also conduct special routine tests to identify the defect of components precisely. After the fault finding has been completed, the defective components are professionally removed from the vehicle and forwarded for precise testing and repair.

Service spectrum at a glance:

  • Diesel injection system diagnosis by means of special Bosch equipment
  • Vehicle system test and subassembly testing by means of high-value Bosch test equipment
  • Installation and removal of diesel injection pumps and injectors
  • Implementation of workshop work that is prescribed by law in connection with service activities based on the engine management system (emission test, battery service, etc.)