Service spectrum - testing and repair of diesel components

  • Bosch Diesel technicians when testing components
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    Diagnostic services

    The diesel experts have the newest testing and diagnostics technology in addition to modern workshop equipment at their disposal to test the components.

  • Bosch Diesel technicians when repairing a component
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    Repair services

    Diesel systems and components are tested with special testing and diagnostics technology in the Bosch Diesel workshops. If the experts detect a defect in the diesel component, the latter will be removed and repaired directly on site. The repaired component is installed again following a subsequent quality inspection according to Bosch specifications.


Repair and diagnostics of diesel components

The workshops in the worldwide Bosch Diesel Network have multiple years of experience and profound knowledge when it comes to diesel component diagnosis and repair. The diesel experts have modern workshop equipment in addition to newest diagnostics technology of Bosch at their disposal. The defects are identified via extensive and electronically controlled test runs on Bosch test benches. Furthermore, a detailed examination of the components is possible by means of relevant specialized equipment.

If a defect is detected in a diesel component, the latter can be repaired professionally in a Bosch Diesel workshop and reinstalled after a completed quality inspection. Instead of just replacing the defective pumps and injectors, the specialists try to reuse the respective component in most cases. Depending on the cost or time pressure, the diesel experts are able to offer customized solutions. As a result, the customer can select alternatives that are best for him and can decide to have a defective component repaired professionally or completely replaced by a new component. The quality is guaranteed in both cases since Bosch Diesel workshops are technical partners of Bosch.

Repair services:

  • Repair of common rail pumps and injectors
  • Repair of unit injector systems (UIS) and unit pump systems (UPS)
  • Repair of electronically controlled distributor pumps (VP, VE-EDC)
  • Repair of conventional (mechanical) distributor/in-line pumps and nozzle holder assemblies

Diagnostic services:

  • Inspection for all Bosch diesel components
  • Analysis of the test results and documented technical assessment
  • Test and adjustment of mechanical pumps

IMA/ISA - documentation and registration of repairs:

Quality assurance tests for components are always conducted in the Bosch Diesel workshops by using the newest generation of Bosch EPS test benches. Subsequently, a test protocol is created for each component that confirms the functionality of an injector or pump in terms of the nominal parameters. Especially the automated IMA/ISA code generation by means of the most modern testing technology of Bosch is considered an important step in testing common rail injectors. The IMA/ISA data documented in the test protocol offer additional evidence of the fact that the injector of a vehicle functions smoothly.

With regard to common rail components, the results of the quality assurance test are assigned a unique repair ID code as a confirmation of the quality of repair. The gathered data are registered in a central online database together with the contact information of the Bosch diesel experts. Only the components that have successfully passed testing on the Bosch test bench can be stored. In order to carry out the repair as transparently as possible, both the customer and the authorized experts of the Bosch Diesel workshops have access to the stored data.