Bosch Diesel Center and Bosch Diesel Service

  • Bosch Diesel Service
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    Component repair with quality certificate

    Bosch Diesel Workshops are specialists in the field of inspection and repair of diesel components, such as injection pumps and injectors, and are authorized to carry out customer service tasks as well as warranty processing for these products. In addition to this, many of the Bosch Diesel Service partners offer professional service for diesel vehicles.

  • Bosch Diesel Center
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    Service for all diesel vehicles

    Bosch Diesel Centers are the all-rounders among workshops, and are specialized in the complete servicing of diesel vehicles—including maintenance, component repair, diagnostics on the vehicle and special, technical services for all diesel systems.


Bosch Diesel Network – two workshop concepts, single quality standard

The gradual conversion of the world markets to new and modern diesel systems also requires a continuous adaptation of the Bosch Diesel Workshop concept—especially in view of the specific requirements that each country brings with it. In order to ensure the service readiness of the local workshops in these countries at all times, Bosch has developed two different workshop profiles: the Bosch Diesel Center, which specializes in the diagnostics, repair and maintenance of complete diesel systems and the Bosch Diesel Service, which focuses on the repair of diesel components.

Bosch Diesel Center (BDC):

The workshops in this category are considered to be specialists for all diesel systems and they offer, in addition to the diagnostics, maintenance and repair, also the replacement of components of all common systems and vehicles available in the market. Bosch Diesel Center (BDC) are both service providers and point of contact for workshop and vehicle fleet operators as well for private customers. As solutions specialists, the experts working here draw on the collective technical expertise and the long years of experience of Bosch in the field of development and manufacturing of diesel fuel injection systems. For this, besides the most modern diagnostic- and repair equipment, the original spare parts from Bosch are also available to them. Bosch Diesel Centers are also authorized to take up appropriate work under the Bosch customer service and provide warranty services for diesel systems. Besides these professional workshop services, additional special services such as 24-hours service, towing service or procurement of components, are offered. Thanks to the comprehensive service quality and its close cooperation with Bosch as the world's leading provider of diesel systems, Bosch Diesel Centers are thus competent, reliable and future-oriented partner for everything relating to the complete diesel system.

Bosch Diesel Service (BDS):

At the service stations, specially trained associates take care of the repair of diesel components. For this, the experts have all the necessary equipment, tools and original spare parts from Bosch available to them. The advantage: The specific technical expertise allows an optimal assessment to be made so that a repair can be done as economically as possible for the customer. And should a component be severely damaged, it can be replaced locally by a Bosch product— of course, at a competitive price. In this context, the individual workshops are also authorized to provide relevant customer service and warranty work for Bosch diesel systems. Moreover, many service stations also offer optionally a comprehensive vehicle diagnostics service, for which they fall back on the cutting-edge test equipment from Bosch. Thus, the Bosch Diesel Service is a competent and reliable partner for all local business customers and workshops in the field of inspection, and repair of diesel components.