Bosch Diesel Repair – Quality standards and service quality

  • Bosch Diesel workplace with special tools
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    Top-class work environment for the best quality repair

    For carrying out quality repairs, the Bosch Diesel Workshops guarantee a professional and clean work environment as well as the use of most modern tools and testing technology of Bosch.

  • Reception area of a Bosch Diesel Workshop
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    Top service

    In order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, besides professional service, the Bosch Diesel Workshops also offer competent and expert advice—right from accepting a repair order to processing it.


Bosch Diesel Workshop – Service quality with concept

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction and continuously high quality of Bosch products and services, authoritative standards are defined for each workshop in the Bosch Diesel Workshop Network. This includes, in addition to an customized and professional service, also competent and expert advice. Similarly, fair prices as well as a clear invoicing are guaranteed and in case additional work is required, the customer is contacted at an early stage, in advance.

Quality assurance:

Every Bosch Diesel Workshop is regularly reviewed by independent external auditors to ensure that each service station meets the generally applicable standards of Bosch. To ensure maximum measurement accuracy of the test benches and the measuring tools, the individual workshops periodically carry out technical checks and tests. In the process, the individual instruments are meticulously checked and calibrated in order to be able to meet the specifications provided by the manufacturer.

Work environment and cleanliness:

A professional and clean work environment is the fundamental prerequisite for carrying out a quality repair. Accordingly, uniform quality standards and cleanliness requirements apply to all workshops in the Bosch Diesel Network.

Partner in the Bosch Diesel Network:

Before a workshop is accepted as an official partner in the Bosch Diesel Network, it must go through an acceptance process. In this connection, compliance with the minimum requirements is checked. Only after the quality requirements of Bosch have been met, the workshop is accepted in the network. Right from the day of its acceptance, the workshop undergoes regular quality audits.