Why choose the Bosch Diesel Network?

  • Bosch diesel technician carrying out diagnostics
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    Increased competitive advantages and attractive new customer business

    In their search for the best possible combination of experience in diesel technology, service and cost-effective collaboration, vehicle workshops and fleet operators turn preferably to the worldwide Bosch Diesel Network.

  • Bosch diesel technician
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    Cutting-edge test benches and diagnostic technology from Bosch

    The workshops in the Bosch Diesel Network always have access to high-quality spare parts, state-of-the-art test equipment and tool technology from Bosch.


Bosch Diesel Workshop – Service quality with a global footprint

Diesel technology is developing faster than ever before and engine technology is becoming increasingly complex. Consequently, the demand for reliable, specialist workshops is rising steadily. With more than 3,700 partners, the Bosch Diesel network provides a global coverage through workshops that have specialized in professional maintenance and repair in the field. The individual workshops benefit from the worldwide reputation of the brand Bosch and the value closely associated with it, such as competence, innovation and quality. Accordingly, an excellent reputation precedes each of the individual service stations in the Bosch Diesel Network and they are perceived as centers of excellence in all aspects of the repair and maintenance of diesel engines. This results in attractive benefits, in many ways, for the workshop operators, who are part of the Bosch Diesel Network, now be it as a Bosch Diesel Center or Bosch Diesel Service.

Service quality in a new dimension:

The latest advanced systems are both a challenge and an opportunity for diesel specialists. Thus, the individual workshops need to be kept always up-to-date in order to be able to keep pace with the latest technological developments. The basis for this is, first, the know-how available in the Bosch Diesel Network and second, the provision of original spare parts and the latest workshop equipment for the diagnosis and repair of diesel systems. Moreover, Bosch defines clear guidelines, imparts technical knowledge through 45 training centers worldwide and supports training of in-house experts.

Distinctive brand identity:

Once a workshop has been accepted in the network, it is entitled to use the complete corporate design package of the Bosch Diesel Workshop. Besides the professional signage in the service station, this also includes uniformly designed workshop clothing, business- and sales documents, various marketing tools, and much more.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Bosch as partner, the world's leading manufacturer of diesel systems for the entire automotive industry
  • Bosch Diesel Network as the world's largest service organization in the field of diesel system repair
  • Strong brand values such as competence, quality, innovation and trust to strengthen its market position
  • Cutting-edge test equipment from Bosch and professional workshop equipment for testing and repairing diesel components and diesel systems in accordance with Bosch specifications
  • Special tools for fast and efficient workshop jobs
  • Access to repair concepts, technical information and software of Bosch
  • Provision and continuous update of test values and setting values as well as test instructions and repair manuals
  • Complete range of spare parts and products for diesel systems from Bosch
  • Training of associates in the over 45 Bosch training centers worldwide
  • More than 15 practical and continuous trainings for all diesel systems by Bosch